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Samantha Stumbo

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice, it was supposed to make you feel something” by Eleanor & Park. Painting is a beautiful passion of mine. Eat breath, and sleeping in paint. My mind is filled with nothing but this thought in paint. Remarkable shades of color on everything I look at. So inspiring, soul finding, and I have yet to know what I’m going to do with this talent of mine.

-----They say that’s little things you do as a child can shape who you are as an adult. My Favorite thing to do is as a kid was painting and crafting objects. I was always moving my food on my place to make a silly smiley faces, as well as taking sticks from outside making sunsets in the dirt. Still till this day I find myself finding small crafts I made as a child that somehow still relates to my paintings now. Sense day one unconsciously knowing it is my inspiration.

-----Somehow, I find myself being lost in this trance, world, out of it from what is going on around me. Losing my mind like I’m on drugs but never done any my whole life. Simply expressing everything I have on this canvas witch is fixating to everything on this brush and those colors. All my life events of brokenness, somehow this fulfills me like a whole new life.

-----In my future I plan to have my own boutique with paintings, clothes and knickknacks deigned by me .I have this vision to be a young successful entrepreneur. Also, it’s very healing to the heart and I always knew I wanted to sell my art work and have my own business. My works of are fulfilled with a lot of emotion, therefore it connects to my viewers.  I’m constantly creating and thinking of ideas that are endless but well thought out. I’m very self-determined to work hard for my goals in life.

-----Not being guaranteed on that job in today’s crazy world once finished with my degree. Why can’t I start now? I have known for a long time that this would be my meaning for life, and being my own boss. Also, widen people’s eyes to see the beauty in what I do and to pass on the creativity and love for the Arts., abstract oil paintings large, abstract art

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